May 23, 2016

Iveta Hedvig, Founder & CEO

Iveta Hedvig started her career as an Owner Operator of EuroCare, a referral agency for caregivers to patients with Long Term Disabilities. It is in her years at EuroCare where she saw the devastating effects of death & disability on families, financially and emotionally.

This became the foundation to her joining the Insurance business in 2005 with a single purpose in mind; To help mitigate risk and manage finances in the course of a Disability or Death.

Early in her career, Iveta forged close relationships with Teaching Hospitals where she counseled and set up Life Insurance and Own Occupation specific Disability Planning Solutions for Residents, Fellows and Attendings. Iveta has her Masters in Chemical Engineering and has utilized her astute analytical and technical skills in underwriting various options and implementing successful protection plans for physicians.