About Us

May 19, 2016

TermLifeApp was founded on the basic principal of providing a fast and simple way to compare, select and apply for Life Insurance from the comfort of your own home. Our team understands that applying for Life Insurance is a difficult choice to make, but viewing your options online and being able to submit an application through the web makes that decision so much easier. We will contact you and ensure that the selected policy fits your needs and you understand the terminology and benefits. We pride ourselves in providing unbiased price comparisons of your best rates from highly-rated life insurance carriers. Our breakthrough technology has streamlined what could be a lengthy application process.

TermLifeApp’s goal is to create a trust based relationship with you. We’ll guide you on your journey into the life insurance buying process with innovative technology, expertise and care. Our insurance specialists ensure the process goes smoothly and will troubleshoot any issues that arise before they become problems.

We created TermLifeApp based on two questions. “What’s the easiest way to get an individual from having no insurance to being insured?” – “What kind of experience would individuals want?”

Our Independent Insurance Specialists have been providing insurance services for years and have found that people look for the easiest ways to apply for insurance. Therefore, we created a system where an individual could simply apply for life insurance right through our website! You can compare your quotes from the top insurance carriers to select the life insurance policy that best fits you. You don’t need to supply any personal information until you submit an electronic application of your selected life insurance rates. If you still feel skeptic about our process, you could give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our insurance professionals will assist you in choosing the best policy for you.

We also offer an option to simply request a quote directly from one of our specialists! As soon as we receive your request, we will run the best life insurance quote for you and email it to you. Our team will schedule a call with you to consult you on fulfilling your specific needs and insuring your greatest asset.

TermLifeApp hopes you will join us on this journey to select the best insurance policy for you.